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binformed is a COVID-19 symptom testing, test result and triage tool to help consumers, health care providers and essential workers manage their COVID-19 risk, exposure and symptoms. binformed provides test recommendations, based on exposure, symptoms and local guidelines. When testing is indicated, binformed provides local test locations, appointments, when available, and helps manage test results and recommendations for both positive and negative results. For at risk, exposed, symptomatic or positive test results, binformed provides text-based reminders for daily or twice-daily symptom reporting and follow-up.

How binformed Works

If you feel you are at risk, have been exposed or are otherwise concerned about whether or not you may have COVID-19, binformed provides you a health risk and symptom assessment to evaluate your COVID-19 risk. Based on the information you provide, binformed offers evidence-based recommendations, based on local guidelines as to whether or not your risk warrants:

  • Shelter-in-Place
  • Self-Isolation
  • Testing
  • Direct Medical Care

Once an initial risk is defined, binformed provides text-based reminders to record and manage your risk and any symptoms, as well as the ability to assess or update your status at any time.

binformed About Flattening the Curve(s)

You have probably heard about flattening the curve in order to control the COVID-19 pandemic. There are actually five curves all of us are collectively trying to flatten:

  • The rate of exposure – how do we limit the number of people we are at risk of infection?
  • The rate of symptoms – for people who have respiratory symptoms, how many might have COVID-19?
  • The rate of infection – of those tested, how many are positive?
  • The rate of hospitalization – of those infected, how many have severe enough symptoms to be hospitalized?
  • The rate of ICU admission and/or intubation for severe, life-threatening infection.

binformed is a tool to manage the collection of data and the analysis of those data to measure, define and promote success in limiting all five of these risks.

Resources + Further Information

American Journal of Emergency Medicine COVID-19 Primer

binformed is a product of The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, El Camino Hospital, Build4orce and SurfAid